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            The environment where Anhui trough type cable trays are used is usually corrosive. Therefore, cable trays for cable trays should be made of anti-corrosion treatment or corrosion-resistant materials. In this way, the service life of the trough type cable tray can be extended and funds can be saved. If the cable tray is used in areas with fire protection requirements, attention should be paid to fire prevention. The specific method is to add refractory materials to the cable ladder and tray to form a semi enclosed or enclosed structure, and apply fireproof coating on the surface of the tray and tray support, which can improve the fire resistance performance of the entire facility and make its use safer. In addition, attention should be paid not to use aluminum cable trays in environments with high fire protection requirements. When parallel cable trays need to be laid, the distance must be calculated for maintenance in case of equipment failure.



            The laying direction of trough type cable trays should be as short and fast as possible, and should be laid along walls and other fixed buildings as much as possible, taking into account the coordination of technical, pipeline, and electrical specialties. Convenient for reserving pre embedded steel plate positions for wall openings, floor slabs, and suspension installation. The wiring of metal wire ducts hidden underground should be designed in close coordination with civil engineering professionals, and the selection of circuits and equipment should be determined in advance and reasonably. When designing the position of the cable tray, it should be evenly distributed and calculated


            The cable tray of Anhui trough should not be laid parallel to the following pipelines. If the trough type cable tray meets a pipeline containing corrosive liquids, the cable tray should be laid above the pipeline. The trough cable tray should be laid below the thermal pipeline. For flammable and explosive gas pipelines, if the gas in the pipeline is heavier than air, the cable tray should be above the pipeline. If the gas in the pipeline is lighter than air, the cable tray should be below the pipeline


            Secondly, the bridge system should have reliable electrical connections and should be grounded. For vibration locations, spring coils should be installed at the connection of the grounding part.


            Cables with different voltage applications should be laid in cable trays of different layers


            When it comes to trough cable trays, it may seem unfamiliar to everyone, but trough cable trays are widely used in the power industry. The trough type cable tray is formed by bending a whole steel plate, which has a certain degree of sealing and depth.

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