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            Composite epoxy resin bridge can also be referred to as composite fiberglass bridge in actual use, and its forming process is the quality formation process of fiberglass products. Due to the fact that composite epoxy resin cable trays can be regarded as a composite structure composed of multiple materials, production is crucial for composite epoxy resin cable trays, which are constrained by various factors during the manufacturing process. So, although the production method is simple, it is necessary to pay attention to some details of the production environment to make the composite epoxy resin bridge safer in application, and also require more professional process and operation skills. When producing composite epoxy resin cable trays, the following four environmental requirements should be noted.


            1、 Production of composite epoxy resin bridge positions


            The workshop should not be located near the water, as the environment near the water is too humid and can affect the humidity of the production bridge. Attention should be paid to fire safety around the production of composite epoxy resin bridge frames. Combustible materials should not be stacked, and there should be a passage for firefighting vehicles and fire hydrants installed.


            2、 Explosion proof safety


            The electrical lighting fixtures in the workshop are explosion-proof and it is strictly prohibited to connect wires randomly in the workshop. Excessive wires will affect the electrical safety of composite epoxy resin bridge production.



            3、 Firefighting facilities


            Pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of fire protection facilities in the production workshop, set up fire extinguishers, sandboxes, and fire blankets at the entrance of the factory building, and set up faucets near the factory building. Fireworks in the factory.


            4、 Production temperature and humidity


            It can create conditions for production temperature, so that the workshop can achieve the purpose of temperature and humidity control. When the temperature is above 15 degrees in winter and less than 30 degrees in summer, it is better to control the temperature between 20-25 degrees, and the humidity should be kept below 75%. The workshop should place a dry and wet thermometer. If the temperature cannot be controlled, doors and windows can be opened frequently for ventilation to maintain indoor air circulation.


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