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            As a popular product in the power engineering industry, trough cable trays have always been in an advanced sales state in the market,


            What precautions should manufacturers pay attention to during production and four environmental performance points:

            槽式電纜橋架生產的時候要注意哪些事項   槽式電纜橋架是以金屬為主要原材料進行加工制作的,因此工人在生產中要注意佩戴手套,防止被金屬割傷;有條件的廠家好為工人配備護目鏡和工作服,這樣對工人的保護更。橋架的生產大多是按照設計圖紙和客戶要求進行加工制作,所以生產前要仔細閱讀圖紙,按照要求調整生產設備上的數值,防止出現尺寸等不合格的產品出現。

            What should be noted during the production of trough cable trays? Trough cable trays are mainly processed and made of metal as the main raw material, so workers should pay attention to wearing gloves during production to prevent being cut by metal; Manufacturers with conditions are better equipped with goggles and work clothes for workers, which provides more comprehensive protection for them. The production of cable trays is mostly carried out according to the design drawings and customer requirements, so it is necessary to carefully read the drawings before production, adjust the values on the production equipment according to the requirements, and prevent the occurrence of unqualified products such as dimensions.



            In the process of processing and manufacturing trough type cable trays, in addition to requiring workers, production equipment is also one of the precautions. The electrical safety of cable tray manufacturers is a special concern for any production, and the safety of production equipment circuits also falls within the scope of electrical safety. Before starting the machine, a thorough inspection should be carried out, especially for equipment that has not been used for a period of time, and attention should be paid to the safety of its switches and circuits.


            Four environmental performance points of trough type cable tray


            1. The ingredients do not contain heavy metals such as Ph, Cr, Hg, etc;


            2. Belonging to thick film materials, it has good thixotropic performance. After sufficient stirring, with or without the addition of diluents, painting construction can be carried out. Due to the high solid content of 77% in zinc plating, a fixed wire machine and a single airless spraying can achieve higher film thickness, reduce the volatilization of organic solvents, and lower drying energy consumption, all of which are beneficial for environmental protection.


            3. After testing, it has been proven that the vast majority of solvents and diluents for galvanizing do not contain toxic organic solvents such as toluene, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons, etc.


            4. Cable tray manufacturer's trough type cable tray is a good material to replace hot-dip galvanizing and arc (hot) spraying zinc. Its role in reducing three wastes, reducing energy consumption, and improving the social benefits of environmental protection is more obvious.


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