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            1.1 橋架拼接點發生偏移

            1.1 Bridge splice point offset


            In general, the interference of the construction site environment is one of the key factors affecting the position of bridge splice points, which can easily cause the splice points to fail to meet the expected regulatory requirements and easily lead to situations where the distance between splice points is too large.

            1.2 錨固質量不佳

            1.2 Poor anchoring quality


            For civil engineering in cable tray installation, the anchoring process still has significant shortcomings. Even after completing the installation of the anchoring plate, there is still a gap with the specific process progress, making it difficult to truly ensure the stable use of the cable tray. This to some extent restricts the anchoring quality of civil engineering and seriously affects the rationality of cable tray installation.


            1.3 電纜參數的失真性

            1.3 Distortion of cable parameters


            Usually, when the installation personnel inspect the installation process of Jinan cable tray, there are often tray jumps, incorrect functional markings, and incomplete data between the cable paths of the tray, which to some extent affects the engineering quality of tray installation.

            2 解決核電站電纜橋架安裝質量問題的途徑

            Ways to solve the quality problems of cable tray installation in nuclear power plants

            2.1 更改拼接點設計

            2.1 Change splicing point design


            In response to the current situation of unreasonable splicing points in cable trays, relevant nuclear power plant cable tray installation enterprises should make secondary arrangements for cable tray installation work based on the actual engineering status, scientifically plan and reflect the position of splicing points, implement the supervision function of the project, effectively control the installation position of specific splicing points, and ultimately achieve a reasonable state.

            2.2 強化錨固控制

            2.2 Strengthen anchoring control


            If there are anchoring and other issues encountered in the civil engineering of cable trays in nuclear power plants, it is necessary to effectively follow the actual installation operation specifications of the cable trays, move the position of the square steel anchoring to a position that is off center. On the other hand, it is also necessary to weld the square steel in the relevant civil engineering positions, adjust the force point of the civil anchoring while coordinating with the force point, and at the same time, install the anchoring plate again on the basis of connecting bolts, making changes to the previous civil anchoring design.

            2.3 對電纜標識進行監督

            2.3 Supervision of cable identification


            In the actual work of the engineering unit for the installation of cable trays in nuclear power plants, it is necessary to strictly follow the relevant engineering supervision standards, emphasize the inspection of details, and strengthen the supervision efforts. At the same time, strict inspection of cable identification is required during the specific construction stage to ensure the attributes, functions, and other aspects of Jinan cable tray.


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